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So, what makes IONaer different from other ionization systems?

Using ionization as a method of air purification has been around for decades.
But, it hasn’t been perfected until now.

The IONaer 7000 is the only ionization system on the market today that can offer all of these features:

Clouds 120 IONaerOzone Filter. Our patented Ozone filter gives you all the benefits of high-charged, air scrubbing Ion clusters without the effects of Ozone. Our engineering team spent 2 years perfecting our ozone suppression technology, a technology that will revolutionize air purification by giving you the ability to remove airborne contaminants, but not release ozone.

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Lightbulb 120x79Smart. With the IONaer 7000, you don’t have to choose between an air quality monitor or an air purifier: you get both. The IONaer 7000 comes with an air quality monitoring device and the IONstat, an interactive display that allows you to see your air quality in real time and adjust the system settings.

Our mobile app also allows you to check and adjust your air quality – even when you’re away from home. The IONaer 7000 responds intelligently to changes in air quality, automatically refreshing your home.

In fact, it is the only air purification system of its kind willing to show you how it’s working in real time.

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Water - Clean 120Clean.
The IONaer 7000 produces thousands of powerful, negatively-charged oxygen ions that scrub dust, toxins, and biological agents from the air you breathe​, while only consum​ing the power of a standard LED light bulb. ​​

But that’s not all.

The IONaer 7000’s unique Ozone Depletion Mode™ removes high levels of ozone from your indoor environment, cleaning your indoor air on days when outdoor pollution is too high. Visit the American Lung Association to learn more about outdoor air pollution in your area.

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Modern Living Room 3 - 120Complete.
The IONaer 7000 is a whole-home air purification solution that works with your home’s heater or air conditioner. The IONaer 7000 turns every vent in your home into an air purifier, delivering air-cleaning ions directly to the source. As a result, you have clean air everywhere without the hassle of moving fans and filters.

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American Flag 120 IONaerMade with pride in the USA.
We take pride in our work and believe quality matters. We rigorously test each unit to make sure it works problem-free and delivers a stream of powerful air-cleaning ions.

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Smiling 120 IONaerSatisfaction guaranteed.
We stand behind our products. So, if you are not completely satisfied after 30 days, we will remove the system and offer you a refund of your purchase price.

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IONaer is dedicated to the goal of improving the health, comfort and well being of people by improving air quality wherever they live, work and travel through the use of advanced cold plasma technology.

Originally pioneered in Europe, IONaer’s products have been successfully deployed in hundreds of applications world-wide, providing dramatic improvements in indoor air quality, simultaneously lowering energy consumption and reducing harmful environmental emissions.


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