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Advanced Technology – The Science Behind It

The team at IONaer International has spent more than a decade perfecting the technology behind the IONaer 7000 air purification system. The result is the most advanced, powerful, and all-natural air purification system available today.

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IONaer provides pure, clean air inside your home 24/7. Our smart system works behind the scenes, automatically responding to changes in air quality so you and your family can breathe easy.

IONaer senseIONaer sense Air Quality Monitor
The IONaer sense continuously monitors the air quality in your indoor environment, providing real-time feedback to the IONstat or your own smart device; sense measures particulates (down to 1 micron), temperature and humidity, and methane, carbon dioxide, and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Additionally, sense tracks ozone concentrations, automatically protecting your family with Ozone Depletion ModeTM on days when high pollution (ozone) advisories are in effect.

The IONaer Sense is not just another air quality monitor. When indoor air quality drops below a certain (user-programmed) threshold, the IONaer 7000 air purification system activates automatically. The system runs until your air is clean and healthy.

IONaer 7000The IONaer 7000 in-duct air purification system provides silent, out-of-sight, hassle-free air purification around the clock.
Using the air flow from your existing HVAC fan, the IONaer 7000 bombards the air with millions of air-cleaning oxygen ions, removing particulates, eliminating germs, and breaking down VOCs.

The result is that every vent in your home becomes its own air purification unit, treating indoor air pollution problems at the source.

The final piece of the IONaer air purification system is the IONstat, a fully-connected air purification smart hub. The IONstat shows air quality feedback from the IONaer sense in real-time.

In fact, IONaer is the only whole-home air purification system available today willing to show you, in real-time, that the system works.

A Natural Solution to Indoor Air Quality
The IONaer 7000 uses the power of nature to clean, refresh, and energize the air you breathe.

Clean. The process of ionization releases charged oxygen molecules that clean the air you breath. These ions interact with tiny airborne pollutants like dust, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from chemical fumes, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, and smoke, causing them to stick to one another. As they get heavier, they drop out of the air you breathe.

Refresh. Studies show that negative ionization has many health benefits. Negative ions boost mood, improve cognitive ability, increase memory, and might also help people sleep better. Click here to read more about the benefits of negative ionization.

Energize. The average person spends more than 90% of their day indoors. Breathing stale indoor air can lead to asthma, headaches, fatigue, and many other health problems. IONaer can help you energize your life with invigorating, super-oxygenated air that’s visibly cleaner.

It’s time to bring all of the benefits of IONaer into your family’s home or your business.

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