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Whether you or one of your family members suffer from asthma attacks, your home’s air quality can become so clean, pure and healthy that asthma episodes will significantly decrease or even be eliminated in your home.

Here are two testimonials (read more accounts from actual users on our Testimonials page):

We recently had an oven fire and our entire kitchen and dinning room filled with smoke and the smell of burnt food. Our system automatically reacted to the smoke and turned on our air purification unit.

Within one hour, there was absolutely no smoke smell and by the next morning, there was no residual smell of burnt food or smoke. In addition, my daughter who has asthma never had any breathing problems through the whole process.

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My son was on three different medications to control asthma and breathing-related issues. In addition to his asthma medication, he did regular breathing treatments and went through two rounds of steroids.

It had gotten to the point that his pediatrician was ready to refer to him a pulmonliogist if he did not respond to this aggressive treatment.

Within two months of having IONaer installed in our home, he was off all his medications.

In the five months we’ve had the system, he has only had to use his emergency rescue inhaler three times at school or friends’ houses.

When you compare that with daily medications, multiple inhalers, and weekly (or more) nebulizer treatments, the difference is night and day.

IONaer has made a significant difference in his health and his quality of life.

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