Pet Dander

Woman & Dog 380 shadowIONaer users no longer suffer from pet dander allergies in their home.

Breathe easier, as they do…
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IONaer gives users all the benefits of ionized air purification without potentially harmful levels of ozone created during the process. This patent-pending technology is only found in IONaer.

Additionally, home and businesses using the IONaer 7000 air purification system benefit from:

  • Reduced or eliminated allergy flare-ups
  • Reduced or eliminated asthma attacks
  • Reduced sickness in the home & less employee sick days for our business customers
  • Reduced transmission of sickness
  • Residential users benefit from better sleep

It’s time to effectively take care of pet dander as well as airborne viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold, odors, and more.

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