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Family 400 IONaerAir purification systems make a lot of claims, but the proof is in the stories of real families and businesses and what they are already experiencing.

Read these notes, from real IONaer customers, about what they want you to know:

My son was on three different medications to control asthma and breathing-related issues.

In addition to his asthma medication, he did regular breathing treatments and went through two rounds of steroids.

It had gotten to the point that his pediatrician was ready to refer to him a pulmonologist if he did not respond to this aggressive treatment.

Within two months of having IONaer installed in our home, he was off all his medications.

In the five months we’ve had the system, he has only had to use his emergency rescue inhaler three times at school or friends’ houses.

When you compare that with daily medications, multiple inhalers, and weekly (or more) nebulizer treatments, the difference is night and day.

IONaer has made a significant difference in his health and his quality of life.

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Testimonial 1 - 100-min IONaerSMOKE SMELL, GONE
We recently had an oven fire and our entire kitchen and dining room filled with smoke and the smell of burnt food.

Our system automatically reacted to the smoke and turned on our air purification unit.

Within one hour, there was absolutely no smoke smell and by the next morning, there was no residual smell of burnt food or smoke.

In addition, my daughter who has asthma never had any breathing problems through the whole process.

A.F.S. – Phoenix, AZ

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Testimonial 6 - 100-min IONaerMOLD & FUNGI, DISPELLED
I had my home tested by an environmental company due to reoccurring respiratory issues that repeatedly put me in the hospital. The company found 8 different molds and fungi in my home.

Within 4 months of installing my IONaer system, I had my home tested again and found 99% of all mold and fungi gone! I feel much better and have had no other respiratory issues.

E.F. – Scottsdale, AZ

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Testimonial 14 - 100-min IONaerI HAD TO BUY THE SYSTEM FOR MY HOME AS WELL
My mom is loving IONaer and I think I’ve noticed some improvement with dad’s respiratory condition.

I bought the system to help them, but I’ve been so impressed that I am having two installed in my home this week.

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Testimonial 12 - 100-min IONaerMIGRAINES, DISAPPEARED
I cannot thank you enough.

I have migraines due to the weather (odd but true something about dew point and pressure); living here with the weather being sunny most of the time it is not so bad, but the monsoon season is a trial at times.

Last Wednesday it started and by Thursday morning I was really a mess. After the system went in, by 3 pm, I had no migraine. I could not believe it because normally it would have just gotten worse by Friday.

I cannot believe it made such a difference so soon

This is also funny: I love candles, and last night I had a few going after cooking blackened catfish. We could not figure out why there was no smell from the fish or candles, which we thought was odd, but then we remembered the IONaer team telling us there would be no odors from cooking. Wow.

Now I am really impressed.

If I wake up in a month twenty years younger I will be your best friend for life.

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Testimonial 5 - 100-min IONaerODORS, VANISHED
I had three units installed last Thursday and I noticed an impact in my breathing the very next day.

Also, to put the product to the test, I smoked a cigar in my home office on Saturday and left the windows closed in the house. By Sunday morning the smell of the cigar was completely gone.

We also cooked bacon on Sunday morning and the smell of bacon grease, which normally hangs on for a couple of days, was gone by noon.

If anyone in your family struggles with allergies, or if you have smells in your home due to pets etc., this is a great product!

Installation is easy and you can take the product with you if you ever move. Personally, I have been thrilled with the results.

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Testimonial 10 - 100-min IONaerDUST & CHEMICALS, REMOVED
We purchased a brand new energy-efficient home and were surprised that the particulate count in our house was well over 25,000 parts.

This is very unhealthy air and was likely caused by all of the dust and chemicals associated with home construction. One of the energy efficiency features is that our home is air tight, so all of those construction particulates hanging around had no place to go.

After installing IONaer in our home, we noticed a difference almost immediately.

After running the system with our air conditioner for the last 10 days, our particulate count is consistently under 250 now. We are all breathing easier and sleeping better as a result!

In fact, my daughter had a lingering cough and slept with a humidifier and a HEPA filter both turned up to high every single night to help her breath a little easier.

Since we’ve had IONaer, her cough is completely gone and we’ve even phased out the humidifier. IONaer really works.

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It’s time to give your family all the benefits that come with IONaer’s whole-house air purification system. Reach out to us today to get started.

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